How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital to any company wanting an online presence. One of the questions we have encountered is: How long does it take to see bottom line results? It’s a great question, and since SEO is often a long-term strategy it can be a difficult one to answer.

The truth is that every website is going to see different results. If you are in a mature industry with a lot of competition and are just getting started, it will be harder to earn the website rankings you want. In this post, we’ll explain the strategy behind SEO and how long it typically takes to see results.

Define your goals

First, it is important to define your goals. The quote, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there,” will hold true unless you define your goals. Do you want to rank on the first page? Increase your website traffic? Generate leads and sales? You can’t accurately track results and hold contributors accountable until you have a few end goals clearly defined.

What SEO Results Depend On

There are several factors that will determine how soon you will see results.

  1. How new is your website?

    New domains are often held back in organic rankings. It will take search engines longer to find and index your new pages when your site is new to the web. Google can take 4 days or as long as 4 weeks to index your pages, so changes in your content or on your website won’t make an impact instantly.

  2. How competitive the keyword(s) you’re targeting are

    Highly competitive keywords can take longer to rank for since you will have to beat out other sites that are putting significant resources toward ranking for the same keywords as you.

  3. Content

    Is your content relevant to the keyword you are targeting? Google’s algorithm has a way to rank your content and your website based on how relevant your content is. The more relevant your content, the better your chances of getting ranked high in Google organic results.

  4. HTML

    Are you only focusing on content or are your SEO efforts also aimed at HTML and coding optimizations? Google’s algorithm also examines the behind-the-scenes code of your pages to determine their user-friendliness. If you neglect to optimize your code for faster loading speed and mobile-friendliness, Google will rank you lower.

How Long Until You SEO See Results

The most accurate answer is, it depends. In general, 3 to 6 months is a fair timeline. In highly competitive industries/keywords, you may have to wait up to a year before you see big time results. However, once you see a positive return, it snowballs from there.

We know what you’re thinking, “Is there a way I can speed this up?” There are some strategies that can help:

  • Keyword Research to find lower competition phrases
  • Link Building to increase domain authority
  • Blogging to target more keywords increase overall site content quality
  • Social Media to increase brand reputation

SEO is a long term strategy. While Rome wasn’t build in a day, your SEO success won’t be built in a day either. There’s no universal SEO results time frame because each company’s website and competitive landscape differs on a case by case basis. You can, however, make sure you are attacking SEO head on.

We’re Here to Help!

SEO isn’t easy. There are a ton of in and outs one must know to keep up and compete in the digital marketing space. That’s where we come in. 1bg is a Colorado based marketing firm that specializes in digital marketing, like SEO (including content marketing) and Pay Per Click to help our clients pursue their business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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