Targeted Lead Generation Exclusively for Insurance Agents

Stop Chasing Cold Leads

We’ll use targeted marketing strategies to help you find qualified, in-market insurance shoppers in your service area. We will help you find the highest quality leads at the lowest possible price. Get to your ideal prospects before your competitors and sell to them exclusively.

Be the First to Know Who is About to Purchase Insurance in Your Area

The digital advertising experts at 5-X have designed marketing packages that are available now only to insurance agents. These packages give you a direct pipeline to the people in your area that are about to purchase insurance.

How Our Insurance Lead Generation Services Work:

  • We have access to in-market audiences of people with verified interest in home, auto, life, travel, health and commercial insurance
  • We design highly effective internet ad campaigns to target those ready-to-act buyers in your service area, down to the zip code
  • The high quality leads generated from these internet campaigns will either contact you directly or their info will be sent instantly to your inbox

Instant Results Package

  • $300 Monthly Campaign Management
  • No Setup Fee
  • 3 Month Commitment

5-X uses the highest quality consumer data and digital advertising strategies to give insurance agents an incredible tool to grow their business.

Now is your chance to be a part of this extremely rare opportunity. Campaign management costs for these types of campaigns usually range from $700 to $1,000 a month. Because of the exclusivity of our services, we will only sell our insurance leads to one agent per city. Get in before a competitor takes over your service area!

Contact Us Before You Miss Out

We only provide our Insurance Lead Generation services to one agent per market, so you need to act fast! Take advantage of this opportunity while it’s still available in your area.

Check to see if your area is still available:

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