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Tips to Generate Revenue Through Social Media

Social media platforms are an ingenious way to keep customers updated and informed. A happy customer means a happy business, right? But how can businesses take full advantage of social media marketing? Follow the tips in this blog to generate revenue from customers through social media.

Businesses today are evolving into the social media marketing trend to relate with their customers. Creating accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are vital to reach a customer audience in an effective way. Customers tend to buy more from companies that take advantage of social media and promote their brand online.

Why should businesses target existing customers?

Posting on social media should be focused towards existing customers. This is a natural fit, considering most of account’s following population consists of former customers. Current or former customers follow accounts to see conversations about the brand such as updates, sales, reviews, and deals.

Proper use of social can benefit existing customers in a variety of ways. Read our previous blog to understand things to avoid on social media, to make sure that your platforms are being used to their full potential.

Social Media Tips

Tip #1: Give Customers Reason to Continue Frequent Purchases

Both service and product based companies can benefit from encouraging customers to continue buy from their brand. More customers means more earned revenue.

If your company is service based, promote add on services, upgrades, or premium offers. Companies should encourage customers to continue coming back often.

Product based companies promoting the types of products offered is an obvious use of social media. New products can be featured as well as sale opportunities.

Urge customers to continue purchasing both product and services on  social media by offering specials and deals exclusively to social media followers. For example, offer coupons and discounts every so often to keep customers anxious for more. This will keep customers following your social media and promote more opportunities for them to continue purchasing from your brand.

Tip #2: Educate Your Customers

Another way to keep your customers purchasing from your brand is ensuring that they know about all of the services and products that you offer. A creative way to do this is to feature a different service or profile each week. That way customers know the depth that your company offers.

Feature your product through videos, blogs, photos, and webinars. Keep it creative so that your account doesn’t get too repetitive. Highlight premium services or products to show why your customer should care. A customer will continue to purchase services or products when they are fully aware of the benefits and all of the opportunities.

Tip #3: Recognize Customer Incentive

While focusing efforts on increasing the amount of revenue from customers, it’s easy to focus solely on social media posts on the company. However, social media can be used for convincing the customer they are in need of your product or service without boasting about your brand.

There is a general rule that only 20% of your feed should be about your company. Therefore, don’t flood your feed with posts only about deals and promotions. Instead, incorporate information from relevant third parties.

Understanding the process of why your customer would be interested in buying from you is important so that you can optimize the path to conversion from the social channel to the sales funnel.

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