Your marketing should be earning you bigger profits, but many of our friends in the field services industry told us their marketing efforts were only getting them frustration, distraction, and bigger bills…

Then they called 5-X for help.

We are extremely satisfied with the work carried out so far. They visited us in the field to learn more about our business and our needs. They communicate with us on a regular basis and truly want to help our business be more successful.

Ken and Jamie Starman,
Front Range Septic

Why 5-X?

We’re digital marketing and internet advertising experts that know how, when, and where to find you more customers at the lowest possible cost.

We offer comprehensive marketing solutions including web design, SEO, and social media, but we have unique specialties that set us apart from other field service marketing providers.

We specialize in the most effective lead generation strategy that the field service industry has ever seen: Click-to-Call Ads on Google

What’s So Great About Click-to-Call Ads?

Traditional internet advertising works on the “pay-per-click” model. Meaning you pay every time somebody clicks on one of your ads and goes to your website. Typically only about 5-10% of these clicks turn into actual phone calls. At that rate, field service companies are often paying at least $100-$150 per lead!

If you’re trying to get leads from a site like HomeAdvisor, again you’re probably paying $100-$150 per legitimate lead. And you’re probably fighting over that lead with a few other companies.

With our Click-to-Call Ads…

  • Clicks on these ads don’t go to your website, they automatically trigger a call to your business (note: ads only show to mobile users)
  • You are not charged for abandoned/bad calls, so you only pay when a qualified lead calls you
  • You don’t have to fight over leads with 3 or 4 other companies trying to undercut your price
  • You don’t even need a website to get started.

Costs vary according to geographic area and account setup requirements, but you can expect to pay roughly $40-$60 per lead with our call-only campaigns.

Check the cost of calls in your area

How It Works

  • Let’s talk about the cost of calls in your area, and how much you can pay for a customer call and still have a nice profit leftover every time you book a job
  • Choose the services you want to promote and the geographic areas you want to target
  • Choose the times of day/week/month you want your ads to run
  • Get detailed reports tracking the number of calls you got, your cost per call, length of calls and more

It’s that simple! We’re ready to show you all you need to know about this amazing opportunity to promote your business online with click-to-call ads.

And if you want a comprehensive marketing solution including web design, SEO, social media, branding, and more — we got you covered.

Drop us a line to schedule a discussion with a field service marketing expert at 5-X.

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