Employee Spotlight: Kim Waldrop, Customer Support

Meet our new (old) Customer Support Representative, Kim Waldrop!

Kim originally started with 1bg in 2013 in the Customer Service Department. However, she had to take some time off to take care of her grandpa. Now Kim is back and an excellent (re)addition to our Customer Support team. Originally, Kim was born in Northern California, but she moved to Littleton, Colorado at a young age and hasn’t left since. Growing up in Colorado led to many of her hobbies including hiking, camping, rock climbing, skiing, running triathlons, and other outdoor activities. When Kim isn’t out exploring the outdoors, she finds herself loving people, which is why she’s a great fit for our Customer Support role at 1bg. “I’m good at Customer Support and I just like helping people in general,” she said. “I also really like getting to know our customers and building relationships with them.” Kim is definitely a people person and she enjoys building lasting relationships with her customers. In fact, when she runs into previous customers from her old job, they still remember her and give her a hug every time they see her. We’re happy to welcome Kim back to the 1bg team and she’s happy to join us. “I love the excitement of working with a startup company — it’s challenging and exciting,” she said. “I also appreciate working for owners like John and Ori, they have the same mindset as I do about our customers, they take care of their customers and employees, and I like the support I receive from my fellow employees.”
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