Jason Campbell

Employee Spotlight: Jason Campbell, Senior Developer

Meet our new Senior Developer, Jason Campbell!

Jason grew up in Florida and began his career working in sales and marketing for about 8 years with his father. However, he’s always had a love for programming and decided to teach himself early on.

“I always loved working with computers, so when I was 14 I got a couple books on programming and taught myself some stuff to get my foot in the door,” he said.

Then Jason moved to Colorado to take a job with 1bg. He’s now the Senior Developer for our backend team. His specialty is in backend form and PDF generation. This position is his calling because every day he gets to do what he loves.

“I like sitting in front of a computer all day,” he said. “I also like the act of coding, it’s fun and it involves a lot of problem solving, which is one of my favorite things to do.”

Plus, like many other 1bg employees, Jason is a fan of the company culture. He said it’s a relaxed environment and one of the reasons he came to work for us.

When Jason isn’t working hard in our dev room, he likes to work on his cars, ride his motorcycle, play video games and tabletop games (like Dungeons & Dragons), and make chain mail. The coolest thing he’s made out of chain mail so far is a suit for his dog, which will more than likely be her Halloween costume this year!

Jason's Dog
Jason’s Dog in Chain Mail
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