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Essential Elements to Craft a Successful Business Website

The effectiveness of a business website can be evaluated through many factors, but they all add up to the most important focus of a website: the customer’s impression. A business’s website can be one of the first interactions that a customer has with your company. Therefore, your website needs to be up to standards with customer expectation.

Hong Sheng, an assistant professor and associate chair member of the department of business and information technology at Missouri University of Science and Technology claims, “A user’s first impressions of a website can determine whether he or she forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization.”

Sheng conducted a study in 2012, with fellow Missouri S&T researcher Sirjana Dahal, that explored which aspects of a website customers focus on during a first impression. The pair used an infrared camera and eye-tracking software to track the eye movements of student participants as they scanned law school websites. They then analyzed the data to determine which elements of the page they were focused on the longest.

The following sections were focused on for the longest average time in Sheng and Dahals’ study:

  • Logo- 6.48 seconds
  • Main navigation menu- 6.44 seconds
  • Search box- 6 seconds
  • Social media icons- 5.95 seconds
  • Main image- 5.94 seconds
  • Written content- 5.59 seconds
  • Bottom of the website- 5.25 seconds

How to Craft a Successful Business Website

In the new era of technology competition, businesses need to ensure that they are taking full advantage of the opportunities available. Customers’ expectations are high in today’s world, meaning that businesses’ technology game needs to be strong to keep up. In order to have a successful, thriving business, websites are essential. This blog explores the elements required to craft the perfect website to ensure your business is successful. The following are essential to crafting a business website:

Engage Your Audience With Visual Design

Focusing on audience engagement should be the first thing to think about when creating your website. This can be done with visual design. Although this is one of the most basic aspects of a website, it is one of the most important.

The visual design element is the customer’s first impression of your website. And remember, like Hong Sheng said, the customer can make a decision whether or not they favor your company just by their  first impression. Customers spend a lot of time focused on visual aspects, so make sure that you do too when you create your site.

Choose an attractive template that reflects your brand well and pulls in your customer. Keep in mind the font, color, logo, and composition of your home page. Interesting, creative designs and aesthetic style will catch the eye of your customer. If you want your customer to favor your business, start with the visuals!

Ensure Your Contact Information is Easy to Find

A successful business website should drive in new customers, which is measured in the number of sales calls and leads. However, potential customers can’t be funneled into revenue if they aren’t able to figure out how to contact you.

Make sure that your company’s contact information is easy to find. The best place is at the top of the home page, so that customers don’t have to search your site to find it. This is both an attention grabber and a way to stay in touch.

Take advantage of SEO

Your website design may be perfect, but without properly optimizing your with SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), customers won’t be able to easily find it online. This is because Google and other search engines rank sites based on xxx.  

To optimize your site for search, make sure you’re using keywords or key phrases throughout your site that will allow it to come up in the correct search results. You want your customers to find you easily online if you want to provide more opportunity for potential customers  

Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

As mobile devices and tablets become increasingly more popular and advanced, it is important to stay on top of what your customers expectations are. Your website needs to be able to smoothly transition from a desktop projection to a mobile view.

This will allow customers to view your website on the go and shows that your business is modern and up to date. Plus nowadays people are constantly on their smartphones — you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity just because you aren’t mobile-friendly.

Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page

The ‘About Us’ page on your website needs to stray away from the typical, boring, vague explanation many businesses mistakenly put on their site. People want to see the fun or more human side of your company when they look at your ‘About Us’ page.

So make this excerpt impressive and engaging in a short explanation of your brand and your team. It’s an opportunity to show the customer a humble demonstration of what you believe your company represents. This is another aspect of the customer’s first impression that will affect their view of your brand.

Play it Safe: Invest in an Expert

The word expert should convince you already. Designing on your own holds the risk of creating a bad website that will cost you money and time in the end. An expert web designer will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. They know the perfect science of creating a website and understand what will and won’t work.

1bg offers experienced website designers that have years of experience creating and optimizing websites. Our in-house marketing team, content experts, project managers, graphic designers, and web developers will work together to create a website that fits your business needs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you the perfect business website!

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