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Complete Guide to On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms are regularly tweaked so they can be better at aligning search results with searcher expectations. Fortunately, on-page optimization factors have remained rather consistent over the years. Keep these tried-and-true factors in mind when you are building a new site or optimizing existing pages.

The Top 5 On-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors

1. Uniquely Valuable

Each page on your website must express value to your users by providing quality and timely information. Users are looking for answers when searching online, and your page must deliver those answers in order to rank well. Google is starting to understand not only the value of your page, but the context in which it was written. Search Engines are now using all this information to try and deliver better and more accurate results, don’t be left behind by putting “junk content” on your website. Quality is king!

2. Phenomenal User Experience (UX)

Having unique and quality content is key to on-page optimization, but so is the ease in ability to find, read, and then share that content. UX is all about eliminating barriers between the user and the information on your website. Having an easy to navigate menu is one of the most fundamental elements of UX design.

Page loading speed is another crucial element to UX and also affects search engine results. The faster your page loads, the less likely it is for someone to leave right away, and the more likely it is to receive higher rankings from Google.

3. Crawler/Bot Accessible

Being human friendly is the #1 priority in today’s search engine optimization game. However, your site MUST be robot friendly, too, in order for your website to be indexed correctly. Just like in UX design, you are trying to eliminate barriers between the user and the information on your website, you must do the same for robots and Search Engine Crawlers.

  • Robots.txt file does not block access to important sections of your site, including your images folder!
  • Proper 301 Redirects are set up for URLs that are forwarded
  • Sitemap.xml is set up to include all indexable pages of your site

4. Keyword Targeting

The old way of SEO isn’t dead. Keywords on-page are still important and are a huge factor in the ranking of your website. An important and often overlooked strategy for keyword targeting is to be sure your pages do not cannibalize other pages of your site. Each page needs to target it’s own unique keyword phrase. Be sure to include your primary keywords in the following elements:

  • Page title
  • Page URL structure
  • H1 headline
  • Image ALT tags
  • Body content of your unique and quality page

5. The Future of Search

Being prepared for the next big thing in search is key to a long-term internet marketing strategy. Here are some of the next big things for on-page search engine optimization:

  • Data Schema and Rich Snippets. Make Google’s job easier by organizing your data in an intuitive and robot friendly manner, that allows your unique and quality content to be automatically pulled in by Search Engines and web applications
  • Social Friendly. Social networks are constantly trying to be ahead of the game with unique features like “Facebook Open Graph” and “Twitter Cards”, be sure your website is Social Friendly by making it easy for visitors to share your content. Earn more shares and you’ll be rewarded. Search Engines continue to increase the importance of “Social Signals” — for instance, the number times your URL has been posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter — in their ranking factors.

If you are having a difficult time getting organic results from your website, contact us. We can optimize the pages on your website to drive traffic and leads.

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