Should Your Brand Use Product Listing Ads?

Search results pages are getting more and more cluttered, but one particular feature offers brands a potentially powerful way to cut through all the noise to capture user attention: product listing ads, or PLAs. These listings include an appealing image and appear above organic results, providing businesses with optimal placement in search results related to their products.

With recent developments in the structure of Google Shopping and the increasing number of search phrases that include featured product listings, it’s time for you to consider the benefits of product listing ads.

Here are some of the facts you need to know about the paid option that’s become quite popular with online advertisers.

Why Product Listing Ads?

PLAs affect the bottom lines of retailers. In a nutshell, paid placement in Google Shopping and PLAs will help you:
  • Earn more traffic (by directing people who click on your ad to your website)
  • Achieve higher click-through and conversion rates (studies have shown PLAs perform much better than text ads)
  • Increase lead quality (by earning traffic from relevant search queries that reflect purchasing intent)

When managed properly, PLAs allow you to accomplish many of the goals that are already hallmarks of your entire search engine marketing strategy:

  • Expand the visibility of your top products
  • Attract new attention to overlooked products related your most popular offerings
  • Beat your competition to market on new products
  • Lower cost per sale

How Do PLAs Work?

Google Shopping — Once they are setup properly within Google AdWords, your products are eligible to appear in Google Shopping results. This enables your items to be searched for, found, and compared within the Shopping section of Google. Listings here provide images and important information about your products and send consumers directly to your site to make purchases. Search results — When you search for many product-related terms in Google, you’ll notice a group of ads in their own box at the top of the search results. Mobile — By appearing at the top of organic results on smartphones and tablets, PLAs reach your customers whenever and wherever they are ready to buy. Only pay when customers click — With PLAs, retailers only pay when a customer clicks their ad and gets directed to their website.

Experience Product Listing Ads Benefits for Yourself

Google Shopping and PLAs can be a highly effective marketing tool for many retailers. If you are interested in spurring sales with product listing ads, contact us today.

Call 855-793-7855 to learn about managed product listing ad campaigns.

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