Looking Back at 2016

The end of the year is a busy time, especially for a business. As the 1bg team works hard to wrap up projects and help our clients make marketing plans for 2017, we also took time to reflect on the past year. Here are some assembled personal highlights, pop culture favorites, and New Years resolutions from some of our staff.

What Was Your Proudest Accomplishment in 2016?”


“My biggest accomplishment in 2016 was getting through my first year with two children. Everyone survived!” Cyndi, Project Manager

“Joined the 1bg team in May!” Matt, Content Expert

Book of the Year

The Age of Em by Robin Hanson. Within a century, the author theorizes that it will be relatively cheap to create and train “ems,” robots capable of emulating the human brain. After ems displace humans from most jobs, what will life on earth be like? The book offers a detailed vision of the unique advantages and challenges our not-too-distant descendants may experience.” Matt

“I loved the book Lab Girl. Not only is it about a female scientist’s journey to earn respect and funding for her research, it’s also an amazing meditation on nature. The author focuses on the amazing complexity of trees and their capacity to respond to the world around them while weaving in metaphors about motherhood, friendship, life, death, and human emotion.” Natalie, Marketing

Show of the Year


Westworld. It questions human learning and what’s possible with artificial intelligence.” Jana, Project Manager

Movie of the Year

Arrival. It’s beautifully made, thought provoking science fiction. The film explores the impact that language has on the way we perceive the world around us, and has a secondary political message about the importance of international collaboration, communication, and respect for science.” Natalie

“My favorite movie in 2016 was Zootopia. This has to be one of my favorite kids movies, it has a great moral story!” Cyndi

New Years Resolution


“Grow the business.” Mark, Project Manager

“Pick at least one worthy organization/cause in my community and devote time to volunteering or contributing in other ways every month of 2017.” Matt

From all of us at 1bg, Happy New Year!

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