8 DIY Market Research Tools to See What Makes Customers Tick

It’s easy for companies to get so caught up with what’s happening within their own four walls that they lose sight of how the outside world — including your customers — are evolving. For the valuable perspective that it brings, market research plays a crucial role in building and sustaining the success of your brand.

As the Internet continues to change how people seek out products and services, it becomes increasingly important to rely on current data to learn about your customer and reveal what makes them tick. While professional market research from an experienced firm can arm you with deep insights about how your product or service, website, and sales process stacks up against your competitors, sometimes the best place to start is with a readily available, easy to use tool that is right at your fingertips.

Here are the 8 DIY market research tools anyone can use to put their brand on a path towards making better business decisions.

8 DIY Market Research Tools

Google Trends

Compare search volumes according to location and timeframe with Google Trends. It’s an easy to use tool that offers valuable information about keywords, like interest over time, regional interest, etc. It has become a very popular way to start new market research campaigns.


The question and answer website Quora is a great platform for DIY market research. Browse through the topic categories related to your brand and your industry to find tons of real life examples of your potential customers sharing their concerns and ideas.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a service (there are some free plans) that makes market research surveys cheap and easy. Create customized surveys to collect key data on a wide range of issues that can fuel your business decisions.

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a free tool that is part of Google’s AdWords. The data in Keyword Planner will help you understand where demand is and how the conversation about your market is taking shape. It’s an especially valuable tool if you are considering market expansion since you can measure demand in specific geographic regions.


Perfect for companies looking to reach new customers, PickFu helps brands test product names, marketing campaigns, and taglines on people who aren’t already true fans or devotees.

Ask Your Target Market

Ask Your Target Market, known as AYTM, allows users to send custom surveys to email lists. The platform is affordable yet provides a range of data that helps brands dig deeper into survey engagement and responses.

Open Strategy

Get up-to-date reports related to market data, consumers, and case studies with Open Strategy, a highly valuable market research tool used by many brands.


MyBestSegments is a tool from market research giant Nielsen. It provides data revealing where key demographics like to shop, what brands they like, and what media they subscribe to.

However You Begin, Get Started with Market Research in 2016!

Market research can provide all the fuel you need to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and help you make better business decisions. If you need to get started with a DIY tool, we hope one of these tools can assist you. If you’re ready to dive deeper into data for powerful insights, 1bg can help.

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