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Content Marketing Isn’t Just Blogging: 7 Content Marketing Ideas

Far too many businesses believe that content marketing is just blogging. Although blogging is a great form of content marketing, there are many other content types out there to enhance your content marketing campaign and showcase your expertise. Read on for seven content marketing ideas to take your strategy further and increase your ROI.

Content Marketing Ideas

1. Glossary of Industry Jargon

This is great, especially if you are in an industry where the jargon isn’t “common” to most people. However most industries have jargon that most people need help deciphering. So creating a glossary on your blog or on your website can show your expertise and credibility in your industry. Be sure to make the glossary as comprehensive as possible.

2. Book Review

If you read books that pertain to your industry, why not write about a book review? They are simple to write, and can be broken down like so: (1) Book summary; (2) Book critique (what you liked and didn’t like); and (3) Book recommendations (who should read the book). You can post these reviews not just on your blog, but on websites like Amazon and Goodreads.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you get a number of similar questions over and over again? Why not create an FAQ page on your website to help prevent some of those questions from inundating in-house staff. Make sure that the answers are easy to comprehend to someone who is not knowledgeable about your industry.

4. Checklist

Checklists are helpful, easy to digest tools that can be relevant for everyone from new potential customers who know nothing about your industry to seasoned experts. Find a complex process or topic within your industry and reduce it to a bite-size, easily understandable checklist for a content marketing win.

5. Manifestos

So what exactly is a manifesto? Stated simply, it’s a personal declaration of intent. A manifesto is a great idea to promote new ideas or to share your company’s contrasting opinion to ongoing developments within your industry.

6. Workbooks

Workbooks are also a great content marketing tool to have. You can create workbooks around teachable topics in your industry. Workbooks can range in length; they can be two pages or 200 pages. You can create them as a downloadable PDF on your website or post them on Slideshare. The important part of a workbook is the “work” part. Make sure you include assignments that challenge readers and give them a sense of accomplishment.

7. PowerPoint Presentation

Yes, a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentations are a very powerful content marketing tool. Instead of writing a blog post, you can create a PowerPoint slideshow and share it with your audience. You also have the ability to use your creative side, by designing a presentation with text, graphics, charts, and tables.

These seven content marketing ideas are just a few to consider weaving into your strategy. Implementing these new types of content can help you support the various stages of your sales funnel and extend your reach.

If your content marketing strategy amounts to nothing more than blogging, be sure to contact us today.

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