1bg Monthly Services

1bg Monthly Services

1bg offers the latest in digital marketing techniques to companies throughout the Denver Metro area. Our experienced team of copywriters, designers, web developers and marketing professionals have decades of combined experience in marketing and Internet technology. We manage each campaign with care and dedication to ensure every client understands over time the value in partnering with us.

It’s important to maintain a partnership with our clients throughout our marketing campaigns. That’s why we provide monthly status meetings, either in person or via the web, to discuss reports, action items and next steps.

We don’t implement any changes on your site without your review and approval. Instead we always make sure we’re on the same page first.

Below are the three most popular and effective SEO services 1bg recommends on a monthly basis.

Top Three 1bg Monthly Services

SEO Website Updates

Our SEO services include optimizing your website through site checkups, web bot crawls and on-page optimizations. By making changes to your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, alt text and more, you can improve your overall website ranking on Google.

Each month we provide documentation to explain what we found and what steps need to be made to improve rankings. Once the changes are approved, we can either go in and make them ourselves or send you our suggestions – it’s completely up to you!

Below is an example of the SEO documentation that we would send you on a monthly basis.

1bg SEO1bg SEO1bg SEO


What is link-building? Our link-building work consists of getting you a backlink through blog swaps and guest blogs. To do this, we write blogs for companies in a similar industry to link back to your website. This helps build your audience base and bring in more traffic to your website.

We also clean up directory listings that display your company’s information. We go through all the major directories to make sure the info matches what is displayed on your site. Presenting search engines with the same information on all directory sites helps to improve your SEO rankings. This is where you come in as our partner in success. We work with you to help validate your info on these sites to ensure you’re listed properly.

Below is an example of what our monthly link-building documentation looks like.

1bg link-building


When blogging, we create a three to six month content calendar so that you can keep track of the blogs that we’ll be writing on your behalf. We make sure to start with keyword research, using our proprietary tools to find the best industry related key phrases to base our blogs on.

Then we generally write two blogs per month, find aesthetically pleasing photos to go along with them and post them directly to your blog. Our clients are able to review every blog before it goes live to make sure it’s accurate and exactly what their readers will want to see.

To read some of our blogs, check out the 1bg blog on our website.

Call 1bg Today!

If you’re interested in our services don’t hesitate to give us a call at 855-793-7855 today! You can also reach us at info@1bg.com.

We would love to get started and build your revenue and customer base. Let’s work together to make you the best business you can be.  

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